Reading and Taxidermy and Meanjin


This year. This maddening, sometimes wonderful year. I am so thrilled to share a short piece I’ve written for Meanjin – an incredible Australian literary magazine I’ve read and followed since uni. This is a happy tick on the writerly bucket list. I’ve dreamed of my writing being published by Meanjin, and this blog post as part of a “What I’m Reading” series brings me that little bit closer.

Visit the Meanjin page to read a very personal take on the International Man Booker winning Flights by Olga Tokarczuk (translated by Jennifer Croft) and Angela Meyer’s A Superior Spectre. Linked by dead things, taxidermy, cabinets of curiosity and travel, these books intersect in unexpected and serendipitous ways. READ HERE

And I’m trying to take on painting again. Image is a work in progress, fittingly, on the writing process.

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  1. Fascinating article, Dash! I am down with death talk, so really enjoyed this.

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  2. DashM says:

    Thank you Ashley! Somehow I can’t escape this fascination


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