A Siren Story: Selfie and Psyche


New guest blog post at Sky Sirens’ Siren Stories. “Selfie and Psyche” is an exploration of mirrors, self-reflection, aerials and body. While Sydney is currently in lockdown, I’m re-reading these words as though written by someone else. It’s a strange and alienating experience.

Where women take photos of themselves – though this generally applies to anyone taking a ‘selfie’ – there is a unique brand of derision levelled at them. It’s ironic that in a moment where a person can exert control over the framing and depiction of their face and body, this is derided as vanity. It’s generally considered prideful, shameful, and yet, it is a photograph in which complete autonomy is afforded to the selfie-taker. To some extent, we’re conditioned to downplay any pleasure we take in our own aesthetic…

From: “Selfie and Psyche”. Photography by Sky Sirens.

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