Novels in progress


Contemporary | Gothic

From whispers in a Soviet-era khrushchyovka apartment, to an abandoned church in the Russian wilderness, a woman uncovers her devastating heredity.

Alyona, disfigured in a childhood accident she does not remember, returns to Saint Petersburg to care for her estranged grandmother and investigate her tragic family history. Irina Alexandrovna, haunted by memories of siege and starvation in war-ravaged Leningrad, will do anything to prevent Alyona from discovering the truth, which lies in the depths of a barren forest. Local villagers refuse to acknowledge that place – Poteranoe Pole – the Lost Field.

Birch has undergone significant re-writes since its first iteration. The greatest shift came about after living in Saint Petersburg. In 2015, Birch was long-listed for the Richell Prize for Emerging Writers.

Status (2019) Preparing manuscript for submission.

Bury the Sun

Contemporary | Crime

Freak, behemoth, loner: May is an outsider in the small suburb of Blaire. A cleaner in an animal shelter, she has an affinity with broken things, like the dangerous dogs she helps put down.

Bury the Sun tracks two very different women trapped in the crucible of a place where no action goes unnoticed and no past unpunished.

Status (2019) First edit. 100,000 words and culling.

Cabinet of Wonders 


Status (2018) Writing draft zero. 70,000 words and growing.